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Q: Where is Dudael

A: Ha ha ha ha.... i knew this one would get asked sooner or later

Actually the answer is pretty surprising. For those of you who don’t know, Dudael was the place ( apparently on Earth) that the Angel Azazel was imprisoned by the Powers of Heaven making him a scapegoat to be an example to the Fallen Angels.
The only description Enoch gives us of Dudael ( cause back then it was like saying, New York, why would you need to describe where it is as everyone knows where New York is... ) is that Dudael is a place of Fiery Torment and it is an arid area of desert with very jaggered rocky surroundings.

Thousands of people around the world are constantly looking for Dudael and many seem to think that the answer lies in the Negev desert which is just south of Gaza.

To understand where Dudael is you need to understand what Dudael means. Dudael means, in Hebrew, ‘Place of Fire’ or in some dialects, ‘Celestial or Holy land.’

As the Hebrew language evolved and eventually became a remnant within the language of the people of Iraq. ‘Dudael’ became ‘Alj’halil ‘( meaning Holy Land ) and eventually became ‘Palestine’ also meaning ‘Holy Land.’

In particular Dudael, or Alj’halil, refers to a specific place of similar description to Enoch’s jaggered rocky arid location to a place called Aljujutha ( or in some cases Mount Aljujutha) which, surprisingly enough, is overlooking the area in where jesus was born.

( i’m not sure of the Spelling of Alj’halil or Aljujutha so please check before digging a giant hole in Palestine please..... the words spoken sound like i have spelt them. )


  1. Luminyeri,

    Can you advise me if Dudael was a city, county or state of ancient egypt. The way I interpret is that the Lord told Raphael to make a hole in the desert of Dudael. Meaning that Dudael had a desert and Raphael was to make a hole in it and throw Azazel in it. Can you clarify. Thanks.

    Also, Azazel, Samjaza, Satan, Lucifer ... are they the same evil angel????

    1. They are not the same angel. The whole thing's confusing. The angel-human copulation thing took place during Noah's lifetime, and before Noah's flood; Lucifer's story came in during Adam and Eve's lifetime. However, the scriptures do not mention when Lucifer fell to earth.
      During an exorcism last year, a demon named Anaina said that they had been in hell since before the earth was created. That did not help matters. Assuming the demon was not lying, it would mean that Lucifer was in the earth before Adam and Eve were there. But that would raise the question, "How did Lucifer get into the holy garden of Eden to tempt Eve? And why did God create man in a place inhabited by Lucifer? First of all, it is not unequivocally stated in the scriptures that the serpent that tempted Eve was in fact Lucifer.
      But assuming it was Lucifer, then the Lucifer story of attempted dethronement of God took place before or during Adam and Eve's stay in the Garden.

      The Book of Enoch states in Chapter 15:8 "And now the giants (nephilim) who were born from body and flesh will be called evil spirits on the earth, and on the earth will be their dwelling. And evil spirits came out from their flesh because from above they were created, from the Holy Watchers (angels) was their origin and first foundation. Evil spirits they will be on earth and 'spirits of the evil ones' will they be called".
      Assuming the Book of Enoch is genuine, the above excerpt tells us that the spirits of deceased Nephilim are the demons which we know of; or at least a type of demon. The fallen angels who were cast away with Lucifer also became demons. This would mean that there are two forms of demons... It seems I'm going too far; I've deviated from the main point, sorry.

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    3. My Thoughts: If you examine the first couple of scriptures in the book of Genesis, it says: In the beginning [..] the earth WAS void and without form. So the earth existed in the beginning which is way before Adam and Ever were created. The earth was created when heaven was created as well (Gen 1:1). Yet at the time of creating Adam and Eve the earth was void and without form then God changed that in 6 days and hence the earth as we know it today. Before Adam and eve, i believe the earth was the habitat of many failed creations(Possibly ape men). Then God said let us create man in our own image. That had to be a few thousands of years ago when Adam and Eve were created. If this theory is correct then it would explain why scientists are able to prove that there are things on earth that date billions of years and why creationists are able to debate that the earth is only a few thousands years old. The answer is they are both correct. The earth existed billions of years ago until God reshaped it in 6 days right before the creation of humans a few thousands of years ago, also that neanderthal are actual human like creations that failed and hid in caves until banished(ice age and so on and so forth)millions of years ago.
      As far as the fall of Satan, i believe that happened before the 6 day creation. Why i believe that? Satan, known as Lucifer(which means morning star or light Bearer), was possibly the first light God created to light the earth. But he fell and was banished to earth with fallen angels. He was made of gold and expensive stones, so when he hit earth like a fallen star(meteoroid), he broke into dust and pieces and that is why gold is found in the depth of the earth and is so rare and precious because it was a heavenly made material. so God had to create another light (Genesis accounts for the creation of 2 different lights one in Gen1:3 and another in Gen1:16). The fallen angels were already there when Adam and Eve were created, hence the creation of a protected garden where God walked with his newly created humans whom he enjoyed so much until they fell and where kicked out of the garden

    4. i think that we first must understand what earth is----before earth was earth the world was... ok.. see the world is a prison for the evil ones who was kicked out of heaven, and to shame those who went against God. God ( God in this term means --those of heaven who helped make all things of creation) made a new type of prison guard called man... in other words man was made to shame the evil ones and to praise God.---- the world =death..... the earth= life...... if you live for the world then you live for the evil ones. and if you live for earth then you live to live... further more, before Adam and Eve were created there was man and women on earth that the angels made. however, god did not see them as being pure or righteous. so god made Adam, and remember that god could not find a wife suitable for Adam. which means that there had to be men and women here on the world before Adam and Eve. Now when God made the garden of Eden that's when the world at that time became the earth. Now Adam had powers just as Jesus and god was well pleased with Adam. --------well that's about all I got to say lol

    5. No they are nor the same being lucifer didn't come into existence until Adam and eve were created. Lucifer is the offspring of samyaza somehow he was spared by the hand of God before he fell to the depths of banishment like his dad samyaza the leader of watchers who made a pact with his 200 hundred lesser angels on Mount armon, specifically the top called ardel. The being we refer to as the devil has a name, he is the cast out angel azaezel. The example to what would happen to those beings that undermined God's creation of man and the earth and polluted it with their filthy nephlim offspring. Which devoured all the fruits and labors of men. It's when these giants turned against their fathers not out of spite but out of hunger and starvation. That the almighty HEAVENLY FATHER had no choice but to destroy all life on earth to start anew, this was the great flood that Noah spoke of. So once again those 3 names belong to 3 different entities that stood against GOD'S laws, rules, commandments that his soldiers were to follow. Their prefects( leaders/mgrs) were the ones that broke the laws, when they taught the daughters of man heavenly secrets of order and creation. Thus, creating the first necromancers, witches, and evil practioners of the occult. When they went against GOD'S bylaws and we're discovered by the archangels that's when their offspring were destroyed and they were imprisoned in the earth for 70, 000 years before their corporal bodies were destroyed and their souls thrown into a pit of darkness. To be imprisoned for all eternity, those are the beings we refer to as demonic. When in fact demon just means non human spirit, so any dead animal's spirit if turned evil can be potentially refered to as a demon

    6. A generation is about 72 years.(supported throughout the Bible) So we're looking at about ~5,000 years ago. Which fits in with every time line in the bible saying that this year 2017 is when the 70 years of Daniel ends & many others end. The next thing is the rapture & the end. Also, it says that only the head leader angels, the Watchers, were thrown under the Mountains, the souls of their sons destroyed. The rest of the fallen angels are just bound to earth bit roam it. Thus USO's!

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  3. Great comments! I really have nothing to add, but perchance you would be interested in another way of interpretation through the same Ghost. Perceive that the seven days of creation are seven thousand years, there are many holes here but listen as well. I theorize that even before the earth was made the war in heaven was over, and that from void dark of like there is none, God and Jesus made the world and all spirits within. For I perceive creation like a carefully constructed formula in which God inputs into the interface of His Son by the Ghost. I perceive that the "flood of Noah" did much damage and was in fact a solar system wide event, and many things were tossed about and much destruction did come upon the earth, even the planets in our solar system. Two things help me theorize this, One, in the book of little genesis Moses received from the angel of prescience on mount Sinai, it is said that "a day to God is 1,000 years to man." thus Adam died "the day he ate the fruit." as the Lord hath said. Also, that it has been written that the Lord will hide the feasts and celebrations by changing the courses of the sun and moon that they will no longer represent holiday and jubilee. I lack much knowledge and understanding however, the Spirit of God that lives in me is well. Peace n love, iii

  4. Four of the fallen angels who were bound will be released as stated in revelation. They being held unto that very hour for a purpose. This was in the Euphrates somewhere. Maybe Dudael?

  5. Well Guys I am delighted to have received so many comments on this matter, thank you all for your input and questions - i will try to respond to everyone individually:

  6. First one is to Jason Bourne:

    G'day Jason, Dudael ( aka the area surrounding Mount Alju'jutha ) is today called Aljhalil ( I don't know if the spelling is correct as it sounds like i have written it once translated from current day arabic ( specifically Iraqi arabic )

    My understanding was that it was the area surrounding mount Alju'jutha - kind of like a shire surrounds suburbs or is permeated by them. It still leaves us a large area to deal with but at least narrows it down somewhat

    I'm glad you asked about Lucifer, Semjaza, Satan etc - cause this is a common misconception that is always thrown into the air -

    Semjaza was the original antagonist of the original hebrew God ( 'El' ) according to Enoch he was the one who teamed up with Azazel to lead the Angels in revolution

    Satan ( in hebrew literally means 'Adversay' ) and can refer to anyone or anything that is an adversary to whomever we're talking about - there is one angel named Sataniel in the book of Enoch and translated from Ancient Hebrew would literally mean 'Adversary of God'

    Lucifer was an idea conjured up by a fictional book writer by the name of John Milton around 300 years ago that was a personification of a mixture of Semjaza, Uriel and the many Satans mentioned in the Bible -
    What John Milton did was write a fictional story of the war in heaven, basing many events in the book of Enoch but merged the characters ( whether unkowingly or not ) together.
    Uriel in ancient Hebrew literally means 'Light of God'
    All the angels names are ancient hebrew apart from Lucifer which is a mis translation from the Latin, "Luminyeri" which means Light Bearer - or Bringer of Light.

    Lucifer never existed and is so prevelent in our theologies today because of the popularity of this Fictional book written around 3 centuries ago

    Hope this helps :)


  7. Second one is to Rabih

    All sound theories, but I think the problem these days is most people are reading the scriptures and using them as the only basis for an argument or the foundations for beliefs.
    ( please don't let me change what you wish to believe in any way but consider this )
    Reading Genesis we can actually discover the location of the Garden of Eden - it is just sound east of the Tigrus river which runs parallel to the Euphrates - 5000-10,000 years ago this 'Persian Gulf' Area was said to have had the highest concentration of Mon-atomic Gold. Drinking Mon-atomic gold ( or ingesting ), because it is the one of the most conductive, malleable and sol-liable elements in existence - ingesting it can actually increase productivity of areas of the brain ( such as the medulla ) to a high enough percentage that the human being can then control functionality and or productivity of certain organs in their own body. Ingesting large quantities of Mon-Atomic Gold can also lead to anti-ageing and longevity. Some celebrities ( like Jenifer Aniston ) are taking it cause they are the only ones who can afford it.

    The Alien Astronaut theorists love using this example as a reason that God and the Angels ( personified in this theory as Aliens ) came here to, for want of a better word, steal the earths gold for themselves - enslaving humans to mine it for them and eventually seeing if they could genetically modify us to make us more productive, hence Adam - but once again this is all theoretical, but unfortunately for the religious among us, these theories have just as much weight as biblical explanations

    until we know more we can't say what actually happened, we can only speculate and find what answer makes sense to us individually. But one thing is for sure: you can take nothing at face value when talking about these grey areas in our history - we must look at as many sources as humanly possible before building our theories and beliefs.

    thanks again for your comments, much appreciated


  8. To Badilunaah

    Once again, all sound theories and no one could disprove them.

    before i began looking at the scientific side one of my theories was:

    If -
    God won war in heaven,
    Fallen were banished to Earth,
    Fallen we're happy they lost so decided to desecrate Earth by fooling around with it's women and having a bunch of Nephillim
    God got pretty upset and murdered as many people as he could in his rage by flooding the world
    Then, ( here comes my original theory )
    God realised he'd reacted rather excessively and decided that the only way he could repent and make things right after killing all the offspring of his fellow angels - he sent his own son here to be killed in a more horrible way and therefore cancelling out his sins of mass murder
    so my interpretation originally was that Jesus didn't die to forgive our sins - but ALL sins including Gods

    Once again an interesting theory - and no one could prove me wrong, just like no one could prove you wrong

    i think theorizing is important, it helps us better understand things, i think the main thing is to accept other people's opinions and take them on board regardless of how crazy :)

    thanks again for your comments, really appreciate your thoughts !


    1. Helloo, you can be proven wrong.
      If you believe in the One & only true living God, you believe in His words. Otherwise you do not know Him, which means you believe in a selfmade god.. God doesnt sin, and Christ is God, if God sins, so wouldve Christ have sin.

      Im sorry to react alone to you, there are even crazier theories above as below.. but now im typing to you, so from my heart,
      yes, from my heart. Focus on your salvation, these topics will take us out of line.

      Ecclesiastes 7:29 (CEB)
      See, this alone I found: God made human beings straightforward, but they search for many complications.

      Its also written; we are not complete yet, but in heaven we shall be.. patient broder, we cant figure out some stuff yet. Impossibly..are we not still humans in flesh? That makes us limited!

      I wasnt goin to type to anyone but some weird feeling made me type to you.. this is why i left my email.
      Oh and.. God is love, in love there is no selfishness. Christ, is Christ to humans.

  9. To Blondie

    The hard part about this is that Revelation was written almost 2000-3000 years after the book of Enoch and is more of a prophecy rather than a documentation. Revelation says some pretty disturbing things and has been a constantly used piece of literature because of it's Fire and Brimstone banter

    So it's hard to relate old stories with the new and work out who's right and who's wrong ( as it the people that wrote them or the people that interpreted them )

    what i find funny is that Revelation shadows the 'Book of Jude' which was written by Jesus's Brother Judas ( not Judas Iscariot, his actual younger brother ) and makes mention of the book of Enoch.

    How do we know Jude ( aka Judas ) was Jesus' younger brother?

    about 10 years ago Talmudic Scholars were given permission to inspect Vatican archives to prove once and for all whether or not John was Jesus' cousin - there was alot of debate on this subject at the time.

    In their findings they found documents proving Elizabeth ( John's Mother ) was actually Mary's Blood sister

    they also found that Joseph was married prior to Mary and his wife died after giving Joseph 4 Children ( in order of oldest to youngest: James, Selene, Miriam & Joses )
    then Joseph Married Mary and had: Jesus, Simon & Judas

    also proving that the many times in the bible it meantions 'Jesus the Brother of James' it is literally speaking of his actual brother James ( step Brother ) and in the earliest translations of the book of Jude, Jude actually says something along the lines of "I am Jude, Brother of James who was also the Brother of Jesus"

    Back on the Euphrates river ( sorry i've gone a little off topic as i tend to do ) Much of the the happenings in Genesis were happening in tandem with the Sumerian Empire and the Elamite Empire. the Sumerian Empire was located between The Euphrates River and the Tigrus and the Elamite Empire which outlived the Sumerian empire was on the eastern coast of the Persian gulf. It is believed that Adam was actually taken from the Sumerian Empire to Eden which was just to the south east of Sumeria
    but it is hard to say for certain because word 'Hebrew' actually derives from the hebrew word 'Ibree' which means 'Fringe' and it referred to the Hebrews being a people that 'broke off into fringes' or smaller groups than the whole - so it was more likely that Adam was procured from a smaller group of people that originated from the Sumerian Empire.

    All very interesting indeed. Makes you wonder who or what these Angels really were and just how educated these people who wrote these famous books like Genesis really were - ie: how much of what they were talking about they actually understood themselves, Angels, God, Miracles, etc - maybe these stories are a product of a lack of understanding by the people that wrote them, maybe not we don't know for sure - what we do know for sure is that one way or another there are going to be a plethora of questions to be answered before we all truly understand what really happened in our past

    Very much appreciate your comments, thanks again :)


  10. Once again guys, just wanted to say thank you for your comments - If anything i have said seems condescending or non constructive please re-read it as it is all supposed to be constructive and non criticizing

    I very much appreciate all your opinions and comments so thanks again !!


  11. Isaiah 14: 12 says ''How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!'' so Lucifer is not a fiction created by man. also, this same morning star was present in the creation of the earth look at Job 38: 7 says ''7while the morning stars sang together
    and all the angels shouted for joy?''

    So here we also realise that in Ezekiel 28: 14 -15 says ''
    on the day you were created they were prepared.
    14 You were anointed as a guardian cherub,
    for so I ordained you.
    You were on the holy mount of God;
    you walked among the fiery stones.
    15 You were blameless in your ways''

    In all this we see from the bible that Lucifer existed before and there was trade when he was here on earth but then something happened that made the earth empty and void.

  12. This one is for 'Shines Light'

    I know alot of Bibles are going to mention Lucifer, particularly the more recent and protestant secular of them - but this is a mistake in translation.

    Isiah was known as a 'Latter Prophet' and his writings known now as the book of Isiah were written between 800b.c. and 100b.c.

    actually Isiah himself only wrote chapters 1-33 and then he was imprisoned leaving the book to be finished by two other anonymous hebrew writers. This is why chapters 1-33 are all saying "the end is coming, or judgement is coming" and the last half is saying "Judgement has been so let's regroup and rebuild"

    Now Rome was founded in 753 b.c. by Romulus and Remus on what is now known the 7 hills of Rome, however the language 'latin' was not spoken by anyone but the Roman people until Rome's expansion through conquest from around 50 b.c. - before that Rome was considered a large city or even in some cases a large area that eventually devoured its surroundings.

    The point i'm making is that the book of Isiah ( like all the older prophets in the old testament ) written in Hebrew, most of which are written hundreds, if not thousands of years before the latin language was even conjured in the first place.

    So ask yourself, why would an ancient hebrew writer write a latin name ( Lucifer ) in a hebrew writing .... ?

    the answer is that he would have most likely used the hebrew term 'Satan' which is literally the hebrew word for 'Adversay' which can refer to anyone or anything that is an antagonist of what ever the subject matter is at the time. If he had wanted to say the 'Light bearer' in hebrew the text would have come out as 'Uriel' and that wouldn't have made sense.

    so basically, whomever has translated the bible that you're reading from has taken it upon themselves to enhance the story for your reading pleasure and probably through their own lack of knowledge or understanding and replaced 'Satans' with 'Lucifers'

    This is NOT uncommon guys - this sort of thing happens alot when books are translated, sometimes the writer/editor/translators will tell you at the beginning of the books you are reading, sometimes they wont. The book of Enoch has 3 translations ( 2x Greek 1xHebrew ) In all 3 versions the editor/translator has said things like 'i will highlight any sections i've had to use poetic license or couldn't translate properly by using (Brackets) like so."

    Hope this helps buddy, thanks for the comments !


  13. Hi Rector, here is Isaiah 14:12 in Hebrew from the Masoretic text taken from the

    אֵיךְ נָפַלְתָּ מִשָּׁמַיִם הֵילֵל בֶּן־שָׁחַר נִגְדַּעְתָּ לָאָרֶץ חֹולֵשׁ עַל־גֹּויִֽם׃
    Masoretic Text

    Reading from right to left as is the way of Hebrew language,, the 4th word הֵילֵל, read as Heilel, is the Biblical Hebrew name for KIV's "Lucifer".

    The Hebrew word הֵילֵל Heilel means light-bearing or morning star (Strong's H1966). It is derived from the triconsonantal root ילל ( equivalent to English alphabet H-L-L). The verb form in qal (meaning light; Lexical form) is הָלַל (halal, Strong's H1984), which means he shined, he praised or he boasted.

    As such the Hebrew word, הַלְּלוּיָהּ halləlûyāh, which is a compound word consisted of הַלְּלוּ (hallelu) and יָהּ Yah, in which the first element הַלְּלוּ is the second-person imperative masculine plural form deriving from the Hebrew qal verb hallal. The second element יָהּ Yah is a contraction of Elohim's Name Yahweh *YHWH). Halleluyah therefore is an exhortation to the people to praise Yah, as in "Yall praise Yah!).

    Apparently, from the Bible we know Lucifer very much would like to steal the creation's exhortation of Elohim for himself, hence the implication of Lucifer's name in Hebrew term.

    However, the term "Lucifer" is not a transliteration of the Hebrew name הֵילֵל Heilel but a translation of the Hebrew name into the Latin language that came hundreds or even thousands of years later as you said. This is very much like how we would call the names of native Indian tribes based on the translation instead of transliteration. For example, Aranck means stars, Aponivi in Hopi means "where the wind blows down the gap", Makya means "Eagle hunter", etc.

    So, you can call Makya, "Makya" or you can call him "Eagle hunter" in English translation. It's all the same despite the fact that most native Indian languages were much older than English. Therefore, to say that doing so means that someones "has taken it upon themselves to enhance the story for your reading pleasure and probably through their own lack of knowledge or understanding" is without merit.

  14. Queensland - black mountain

  15. Dead Sea Scrolls: Book of Giants(fragments) they had dreams of the flood...maybe just maybe built some kind of spacecraft and managed to escape (could be where we get ancient alien myths??) And are thrown down from where ever they are in the time of the end -- knowing they have but a short time to accomplish whatever it is they want to accomplish? More than likely destruction of mankind....??

  16. Dead Sea Scrolls: Book of Giants(fragments) they had dreams of the flood...maybe just maybe built some kind of spacecraft and managed to escape (could be where we get ancient alien myths??) And are thrown down from where ever they are in the time of the end -- knowing they have but a short time to accomplish whatever it is they want to accomplish? More than likely destruction of mankind....??

  17. Dead Sea Scrolls: Book of Giants(fragments) they had dreams of the flood...maybe just maybe built some kind of spacecraft and managed to escape (could be where we get ancient alien myths??) And are thrown down from where ever they are in the time of the end -- knowing they have but a short time to accomplish whatever it is they want to accomplish? More than likely destruction of mankind....??

  18. about the text the earth was void and without form is a translationproblem.. i recently found out that the word was.. should be became..

  19. Abel Gaiya have you heard of the pre Adamite world?

  20. Dudael under the dead sea. Lowest place on earth.